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About Us

CHANGZHOU YUSONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. is a joint-stock cooperative enterprises with research, development , production and sales, mainly producing hybrid stepping motor driver, stepper motor driver reaction and related stepper motor .There are three series dozens of varieties , the products are widely used in packaging machinery, food machinery , printing machinery, semiconductor processing, medical machinery, textile machinery, office automation equipment, fitness equipment, printing, engraving , lettering , and other automation control field. We are dedicated to serve customer to provide overall system control scheme , the motor choice,technical support for motor control and motor control system hardware and software development . Our customers are located in more than twenty provinces,meanwhile some colleges and universities include Chinese Academy of Sciences , Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University , Harbin Institute of Technology also uses our products , at the same time we have also exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries.

We are consistently committed to new technology, new product research and development , to keep track of advanced technology home and abroad, pay attention to the power industry top components .We not only absorb foreign products but also increase the technoloy of our own products to improve product quality. In order to meet the customer various needs.

CHANGZHOU YUSONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Will make contribution to revitalize national industry and participate in international competition by outstanding TALENT ADVANTAGE and corporate image.

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